Trader Jan's

Archery Pro-Shop

When you purchase a bow from us;
We stand behind every sale we make. If you ever have a problem with one of our products, just bring it back and we will make it right.

With every bow purchase, you receive the following free!
  • We set the bow to you draw length & draw weight
  • Install all accessories
  • FREE Trader Jan's Archery Pro-Shop Hat or T-Shirt
  • Shooting instructions*
  • $50.00 range pass*

*for bows over $400 in value.

Bow Services;

Basic Setup: $50

Basic setup includes installing sight, rest, and other accessories.

Setup of draw length, peep height, weight adjustment and fitting the bow to the shooter, setting center-shot on the rest, tying in peep after it is set, and brief shooting instruction.

Arrow Services;

Refletching Arrows: $5 per arrow

We can refletch any arrows with a left helical, straight fletch, or an offset. We also carry a variety of Blazer Vanes, 3-5" LW Feathers, and 4" & 5" vanes. Arrow refletching services are next-day turn around due to glue set time*.

Cut and Insert Arrows: $1.83 per arrow

For arrows you bring in with your own inserts.

*During peak season turn around time may vary

String Charges;

String and Cable Set: $120 (Standard option custom Made by our string department)

Installation of String/cables,if purchased elsewhere: $60

We make all of our strings in-house our Custom string department Wicked Twisted Bowstrings.  All strings are made-to-order and typically take about 1 week* to complete. Visit the Wicked Twisted Bowstings section of our website for more information.

*During peak season turn around time may vary

Crossbow Service;

Prices vary, please call or email us for service prices on Crossbows.
Because of their orientation, crossbows require a bit of a different set-up than vertically-aligned bows. If you're shooting with a crossbow, make sure to take advantage of our crossbow services. Don't see what you need below? Just ask us; we're here to help you pursue your archery passion.

These services include:
  • Complete setup and sight in
  • Mount and sight in scope
  • Replace string
  • Replace cables