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Wicked Twisted Bowstrings a division of Trader Jan’s Archery Pro-Shop.Our are custom made string/cables, from the best materials in the business! Each set of our custom bowstrings are tailor made to your specifications. Every string and cable is pre-stretched eliminating the need for continuous cam timing and synchronization. We have honed our process to ensure your string/cable will have a dependable consistent feel.

Your bowstring is the single most important item on your bow! Your bowstring can help you take that prize winning shot or land you in the emergency room. With today's bow's shooting faster and faster, most manufacturers suggest that you replace your strings once a year. Most of our bows have been in harsh environments from wet swamp to frozen forests. Simply waxing your string is not enough in the long term. Our custom bowstrings are reliable, field tested and made by passionate craftsmen! Order your new string today and see why we have become a favorite to Archers everywhere!

Order your custom bowstrings today and have a great season! Wicked Twisted Bowstrings make strings for all types of bows including Compounds, Recurve, Longbows and Crossbows. They are available for all makes and models. Replace your old bowstring with a new custom, handmade string.Wicked Twisted Bowstrings uses only the best quality materials for your bow and is made by seasoned bowstring makers, Hunters, and Target shooters.

Wicked Twisted Bowstrings, uses BCY material to make all of our custom strings. And we have a wide variety of color available.